467 thoughts on “Avalanche, snow and weather Observations

  1. Small Creek, ~3500 ft, west-facing, 32º slope (west side of the west lateral moraine, approx. 61.184410°, -145.524898°).

    CT27, Q1 shear ~45 cm below surface on pencil-hard bed surface, likely an old wind slab. The snow was 4-finger soft below the slab. Snow above the slab was unconsolidated and pretty dreamy.

  2. 2/5

    Remote triggerd a small wind affected face up above keystone on the old snow surface, with my snow machine. Just the new snow from the last 24hrs is what slid. Crown was about 1.5 feet deep though, and made me concerned about bigger faces above us. NW aspect d1/r1, 40+ degree slope.

  3. February 5, 2016 Roadrun and Above 16 Mile
    broken sky, calm in valley with southeast wind moving snow at ridgetop

    The Roadrun was hard old wind cleaned surfaces with 6-18inches of fresh windslab. The 4finger to 1 finger windslab released with ski cut on steep convexities.

    Out of the wind affected areas, 16 Mile had 9″ of fresh snow overnight at road level and 16″ up on the bench at 1000′. The new snow was forming a soft slab that pulled off the old snow. 30F at road level.

  4. Level 1 Class Worthington Flats February 4, 2016 12:30-5pm
    Obscured sky, intermittent heavy snowfall, moderate NE wind, 8F
    While we were out, 15cm accumulated. Under the new snow we found 25-50cm settled snow from the Jan.23-29 storm, with a thin meltfreeze crust within it. That 4F-pencil storm slab moved on facets to 2mm underneath, resistant planar.
    Across the Worthington Flats height of snow varied from 115cm in windblown areas to 280cm on windloaded slopes.
    Just before dark, skies broke for a few minutes.

  5. 1/31

    Bluebird, minor winds during the day. Super busy on the pass, sort of like a spring day during Tailgate AK. Slednecked all day -> Up Nicks, to Python, to Cracked Ice. Naturals everywhere up high. A lot of the big lines had slid at some point during the last storm on the old snow interface (Part of the Berlin Wall, Cherry Couloir (Top to Bottom))Most everything that slid seemed to be on a wind affected slope. Came to the conclusion that the wind protected snow had better stability as well as better snow quality, obviously. Dug a pit on the back side of Cracked Ice right before you drop down into the basin that looks at the Gun Barrels of Diamond, and got some not so impressive results on the new/old snow interface (CTH 25 86cms Down Q2/3 quality) Overall coverage is better than it was all year the last 2 winters.




    2/1 Went up Nicks for sled skiing. Winds were generally blowing from the south, as a new storm approaches. Winds were strong enough to transport snow (20-30MPH gusts, 10-15MPH consistent), and even began to cover up our old tracks between laps. Just skied the big lookers left face of Nicks, even rode my sled down it and got a small fresh windslab to move in a micro gully. Did a couple high marks on steep slopes to see if anything would move, got nothing. Snow was much more consolidated today than it was yesterday, and wind affect is starting to take place on the more exposed areas.

  6. Monday Feb.1st 11am-2pm Nick’s above MP 30
    0F, broken skies went to overcast and flat light, south wind was moving snow near ridgetops and wind affecting the upper basin. A 3-5cm windslab formed while we were lapping.
    Foot pen 50cm, ski pen 20cm
    Storm snow has settled to 60cm at 4200′.
    Surface hoar to 3mm below 2500′ in wind protected areas.
    North face looker’s right of gully rode well.

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