Snow Observations

Valdez Snow Observations

Scroll to the bottom to submit your avalanche, snow and weather observations for comment below. You can also utilize this fillable FORM in Microsoft Word. This form, and any photos or pit profiles can be emailed directly to for posting to the site. Thank you for your contribution to sharing awareness.

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283 thoughts on “Snow Observations

  1. Loveland:
    Low snow conditions with frozen rain crust to a mild rain/zipper crust in the mid elevation and mostly wind pressed but not overly distributed powder. Skiing conditions have eroded slightly from last cycle. Lots of crevasses and low snow snow conditions exist in upper alpine as well. Elevations above 5000 feet remain mostly unaffected by the last two wet cycles but there are still plenty of summer to be found out there. Pray for Snow.

    Sidenote: Warmest recorded October in history of climate data.

  2. Saturday November 15, 2014 Little Odyssey: clear sky, light SE wind, no precip, air temp 0C
    Surfaces are variable from pockets of 10cm soft powder to sun/temp crust to wind blown ice.
    Snow depth from 0 to 135cm in drifts, average ~50cm. view from Little Odyssey

  3. Location: School Bus_Good Wills

    Road: Frozen Snow but Fair Skiing. Phase Change to abrupt temperature reversal/ re freeze.

    Mid Elevation: Dense Slab with smooth texture holding good stability with un expected skiability. (Spray Foam with light powder pockets)

    Upper Elevation: Hardly Moderate stability with a 30cm 1F slab over lying a weak but think 4f crust. An overlying powder/wind skin helps distribute or deflect reactive impositions but to the touch its has a Resistant Planer profiles and a middle of the road sensitivity. Further propagation identification exercise will be useful in understanding our latest bout of above freezing days and precipitation. No class one data was observed although.

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