547 thoughts on “Avalanche, snow and weather Observations

  1. April 25, 2016 Nick’s Happy Valley noon-3:30pm
    Broken becoming overcast sky, flat light, light to moderate southeast wind. No new avalanche activity observed.
    The inch or so of new snow above 4000′ was being drifted by the wind, downsloping into Nick’s.
    Mushy melt freeze hardened into a supportable boilerplate crust above 3500′. Old track trenching made the frozen turns not-so desirable. Best snow is above 4000′ where you can find a little bit of new snow over smooth old snow. Ptarmigan Creek snow bridges will soon be part of the water cycle.

  2. April 20, 2016 Valdez Glacier
    clear sky, +2C, light north wind
    Working with scientists with the Climate and Cryosphere Hazards group out of Fairbanks DNR to survey seasonal snow cover. Found 3 meter+ snowpack at 2500′ on the Valdez Glacier and much much deeper at higher elevations. Still dry powder above 4500′ on glaciers. Many wet loose avalanches to D2 on steep solar aspects. Old slab from late March storm observed on north aspect above 4000′.
    Riders out and about exploring the glaciers.

  3. 4/14

    Traveled to the south end of the Deserted Glacier. Some natural solar triggered avalanches through out the morning to about noon, then the temps started to cool and the solar avalanches ceased. Skied a couple NNE/NNW faces at about 6500′-5000′ in elevation, sluffing was present but manageable. Anything that was not a north aspect was undesiarable to ski. On the way home much of the snow had not began to thaw from last night, it seemed a light breeze was keeping everything frozen up high (>3500′)Big dark clouds rolling in from the south at the end of the day.

  4. April 12 Odyssey Mountain
    broken to some high ovc cloud, 31F at 4500′, light snow transport by NE wind

    Northeast wind and less cloud kept the snow a little cooler than the previous two days of ‘greenhouse affect’. Spring powder up high, crusty below 3500′. A few new avalanches to report off south and southwest aspects:
    Above Bear Creek near Mile 17, a wet loose triggered a slab avalanche and to the looker’s right down lower, a unsupported slope released a wet slab that fell into the creek canyon. Rock Bluffs Mile 27 Daytime warming and sun triggered slab avalanche to size D2 that slid onto the edge of the highway. Right side of Moonlight Basin off the southwest slope of Goodwill’s, a chunk of cornice broke off (this happens fairly often in this spot). With diurnal temperature swings, its amazing how fast facets can develop. Yesterday snow near rocks above the Hill Climb slope was moist, today that snow had frozen and faceted overnight!

  5. April 11, 2016 Some new wet loose activity to D2 on south aspects. Buttery turns on N.Odyssey shoulder, some wind effect under moist surface.Kevin looking under the surface windslab.

  6. April 8, 2016 When a short-lived afternoon blue hole popped.
    Pockets of human triggered windslab to D2, northerly aspects above 3000′
    Natural storm slab avalanche to D2 on solar aspect. Lots of dry and moist loose avalanches to D1.5 on steep solar aspects.

  7. Headed up above the hairpin towards Goodwills this morning.
    Very firm and supportive crust approx 4 inches thick with maybe a .5 inch of new and 4-6 inches at ~4200 on Goodwills. New snow was a bit warm and sticky and smoothed out the crust nicely. Almost “corny”, if only the clear weather would
    hold . . .
    Snow was being transported by strong winds up high and getting blown into dense drifts, just barely starting to show reactivity on the benches on Goodwills south shoulder.
    Scorcher day.

  8. 3/31

    Tasnuna glacier- The wall was hiked in tee shirt conditions all the way to the summit (6100′). Cold soft powder all the way to the Tasnuna Glacier (4000′). Conditions in that area were not favorable unless heavily protected from the sun. “If the wall had any bit of sun on it during our hike I would have bailed” said one of the skiers who booted up the wall that day. Numerous large avalanches were heard/spotted through out the day.

  9. March 31, 2016 warm 48F at Pass
    First day after storm cleared. Lots of evidence of slab and wet loose activity during storm. Tone’s Ridge D2, south aspect, repeat offender under rocks. DSC08247.jpgDSC08253.jpg Small slope to looker’s right of Vertigo/Gully 1, D2 windloaded during storm north aspect.

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