Snow Observations

Valdez Snow Observations

Scroll to the bottom to submit your avalanche, snow and weather observations for comment below. You can also utilize this fillable FORM in Microsoft Word. This form, and any photos or pit profiles can be emailed directly to for posting to the site. Thank you for your contribution to sharing awareness.

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276 thoughts on “Snow Observations

  1. April 18, 2014 South side of Odyssey 1200-1430
    1400 temp at 2800′ +2.0C(34F)
    Above 3200′ the surface snow was frozen/dry. Moist in lower elevations.
    3700′ at the base of a small NE facing slope: 84cm height of snow.
    2cm new snow on a 3cm melt freeze crust. Moist snow below that for 20cm down to a knife hard crust. The lower pack had dry rounding facets interspersed between old crusts. All interfaces were welded together. The surprise was finding 3-4mm cupped depth hoar at the rocky bottom.

  2. April 15, 2014 46 Mile
    +5C, broken sky, calm
    Snow below 1500′ is isothermal – mushy. Green house affect.
    1st night of not freezing.
    Some new wet loose in steep terrain, all aspects.

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